17 Aug 2015

Horrible Things LP out now!

They're here! Seven goddamn months after we put in the order, Everybody Else preorders are shipping now! The LPs look great. This is a run of 200 white and 300 black records.

The album is also up for pay-what-you-want (i.e., $0) download on bandcamp. But the art is one of the best parts of this album, so I definitely have to recommend picking up the record. Not that I'm a biased party or anything. Orders will come with rad Horrible Things stickers/pins/whatever else we have around while we've got 'em!

03 Jul 2015

Summer of records!

It's gonna be a good summer! In case the New Noise stream wasn't enough Horrible Things for you, you can now watch Everybody Else: The Movie anytime you want. It's pretty tight.

The LP will be out in August, so hang tight (and get your pre-order in if you haven't yet). In other news, check out what Tough Stuff has been doing since 2013's College 7"! They're streaming their upcoming LP on Modern Vinyl now. That album will be out next week on Too Far Gone Records--and if you want to get in the spirit, we still have some 7"s left over. I think there are only a couple green ones left, so pick one up soon if you want the color pressing. You were into them way before they got big, right?

It's today! New Noise Magazine is streaming Everybody Else by Horrible things now! Go check out all the songs from what's gonna be one of the best records of the year, and then you can pre-order the LP on our bandcamp. In case you need more convincing, pre-orders come with an immediate download of the full album. The record will be out in August in a run of 500.

19 Jun 2015

Wow, we've been running behind on news here. Here are a few things that have been going on lately.

Jam of the band Family Video made this beautiful video for Remambran's "Run Around the Block."

We just watched Shitty Weekend. tear it up at their tour kickoff show in Portland last night, and now they're on the road for a couple weeks around the Midwest. Here are some dates!

And finally, big news coming up very soon (in like... days) about the Horrible Things LP. For now, you can still check out "A Million Times" on bandcamp.

Look what Shitty Weekend did!

No Shitty Weekenders were harmed in the making of this video, somehow. They'll be playing a bunch of shows around the middle of the country in June for Space Donut Tour 2015, so keep an eye out for that!

09 Mar 2015

Hey, good morning! Great news! We’re getting ready to release an incredible record by Horrible Things from Champaign, IL. Everybody Else will be their first vinyl release—and I think it’s long overdue, since they’ve been one of my favorite pop punk bands since about the first thirty seconds of 2012’s Dumb Days cassette. The LP will be out later this spring in a run of 500; more on that later.

For now, here’s the cover:

And the first song, "A Million Times." Get stoked on that, and the rest of their catalogue on their bandcamp, and have an excellent day.

10 Dec 2014

It's been a while, so I guess you might not know that the Remambran and Penn's Woods tapes came out great (if you somehow only find out about what we're doing through this website and no other informational outlet). See for yourself!

All the Remambran tapes come with unique, multi-layered, hand-assembled covers, and they look awesome. Hard to explain, you've just got to get one--and these are going quickly, so now's a good time if you want one.

Here's Penn's Woods!

22 Sep 2014

Secret Pennies & Remambran

Recent histories of the DIY scene in Santa Barbara and Isla Vista, CA, can read like a web of bands, artists, spaces, and late-night donut sprees. Mallory Watje’s disorientingly dreamy songwriting is a radial thread that shoots right through the center, hitting plenty of all-time high points (including Backpack, Mammary, Girl Band, Heavy Flow...). Remambran is the most current incarnation of said thread, and we’re looking forward to releasing their new full-length recording on cassette this fall. Drawing Out weaves shimmery pop with grungy indie rock and other sounds I don't know the names for—the result is something aggressively unsettling, occultish, and beautiful.

Here’s a song called “Median of Yr Street.” Drawing Out will be out on Secret Pennies Records next month in a run of 100 tapes.

10 Sep 2014

A new release!

Wow, what a summer! First we did a midwest tour, then we moved, then one of us took a trip to New York and the other toured back down to where we just moved from! Things are finally starting to get settled. We've got a couple releases planned, and the one we're talking about now is by Corvallis locals Penn's Woods who are releasing their first tape. "What Good We Do" will be out this fall in a run of 50 tapes, and we’re beyond excited to be working with Mike, Justin, and Wes on this release. Recommended for fans of thoughtful, hyperliterate songwriting (see: the Weakerthans, Restorations) and punk-rooted indie rock (along the lines of Husker Du, Superchunk, Archers of Loaf); featuring members of the Angries, JTT, and Lease—pretty much a cross-section of what makes Corvallis music awesome. Stay tuned, we'll be announcing another release next week! Also, go follow us on tumblr because it's a lot easier than this.

Anyway, check out the song! Oh, and go buy some stuff if you haven't yet! If that's your thing anyway.

03 Aug 2014

Yay! We've been setting up our new house in Corvallis, OR, for the past couple weeks. Lots more room for records. We also have these now:

You can pick one up in clear or black from our store now! It's Alive has the white ones.

And now we're getting started on two new tapes that will be coming out sometime around early fall. They're going to be awesome, and I'm stoked to say more about them when the time is right.

Oh yeah, and speaking of moving... we started a tumblr for Secret Pennies. Facebook is pretty terrible in the "social networking" area for small DIY operations, so we're hoping we can reach a few more people on the internet this way. I don't know who would be reading this that isn't already aware of us on Facebook or tumblr, but you never know, I guess.

Okay, back to arranging furniture.