Two July releases: Friend of My Youth and Flexing!

It’s summer! We’re doing stuff! That includes putting out TWO (2) full-lengths in July! First up is Modern Discipline by Flexing.

flexing cover square small.jpg

Flexing is a dark, aggressive, political post-punk band from Corvallis, Oregon. Modern Discipline is their first release, and it’s coming out on July 1 as a split cassette release with Phat’n’Phunky from San Jose. Flexing are heading out on a western US tour in August. For now, you can listen to two songs from Modern Discipline on bandcamp, and check out a music video for “The Embrace” right here!

NEXT, we have Telling, the first full-length from Friend of My Youth. Telling is out July 19 as a split release on vinyl between Secret Pennies and Salinas Records (NYC), with tapes coming out on Phat’n’Phunky!

Telling cover.png

You can listen to the song “Ancestral” here:

And you can preorder a record on our bandcamp! Friend of My Youth is celebrating with a release show at Nearly Normals here in Corvallis on July 13—Cool Original and Alien Boy are playing too!


Hi, we’re still alive! Just still pretty bad at updating this. That’s the kind of initiative that’s kept us going strong into our eighth year as a label.

Last fall we got to help release an amazing LP by New Junk City (Atlanta) called Same Places. Really pumped on this one; we’ve been listening to this band for years and finally got the chance to team up with Night Animal Records (Tempe) and Real Ghost Records (UK) for this release.

We’ve also been working on a lot of stuff closer to home. Nathan’s band Flexing recorded an LP. Indiana’s band Friend of My Youth recorded an LP. Both of these LPs will come out at some point in some way. Indiana has been booking a ton of shows through Bitter Half Booking. We’re getting ready for the second year of Sinking City Pop Fest; follow Bitter Half to stay up-to-date on all that stuff. Stoked to bring a bunch of awesome bands to town for that, including Go Hibiki and other SPR-related folks TBA!

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"The Neighbors" 7" by Dumb Luck!

Wow, it's been way too long! But life happens! Moving on... here's what's happening next.

We're about to release the first 7" by Dumb Luck, a poppy punk band from here in Corvallis. It's called "The Neighbors" and we're really excited about it. Even more exciting, it's a split release with Tucson's amazing Diet Pop Records. Pretty cool! The record will be out on July 21, check out the pre order HERE

For now, check out the song "Rafters" on Dumb Luck's bandcamp!

New Taxpayers songs and preorder

In case this is the only website you visit on the internet (that's weird), you may not yet know that two songs from the upcoming Taxpayers album Big Delusion Factory are now streaming on Dying Scene! You can check them out here.

The album is also now up for preorder. They won't ship until later this summer, but get in your order soon if you want to get one of the limited treasure map back patches! They are going to be very stylish and will also lead to REAL TREASURE. More on this later.

Coming up this spring: Big Delusion Factory LP by the Taxpayers!

We're excited to announce that we'll be releasing the new album by the Taxpayers, Big Delusion Factory, on vinyl this spring!

This is the first Taxpayers record since 2013's Cold Hearted Town, and we think it's some of their best stuff yet. The album will be out on CD in May (you can preorder it here), and our vinyl release should happen shortly after that. We're working on some very cool plans for the release, so get stoked! This band is kind of a big part of the reason why we exist as a record label, and why we live where we do, so it's always awesome to get to work with them.

If you just can't wait to pick up some new Taxpayers-related stuff from us, we still have some copies of A Rhythm in the Cages (Taxpayers, 2009/2012) and Shit Week. (Shitty Weekend, 2014) in our store!

New things to come

Haven't heard much from Hi Ho Silver, Away! lately (well, you haven't; we live with them/are them), but they're back! They have a new drummer, they sound great, and they're playing this perfect show in Corvallis next week. Lots of new stuff coming up from them in 2016.

In other comeback news, Nathan has been recording Penn's Woods in our house this week, and it sounds amazing. More on that later, too. It's gonna be a pretty good year.

A new internet home!

Hi. The old website died and we jumped ship. It was about time, anyway. This one is a work in progress, but I think it will be better. I do not yet know what I am doing.

As for what else we've been up to in the last few months... first of all, Everybody Else by Horrible Things is all done, and it's great! You can listen, download, and order right here.


Also, remember JTT? Their self-titled 7" was one of our first releases back in 2012. They've since disbanded, but Justin's songwriting now lives again in Dumb Luck! Their new EP Tides just came out this spring, so check it out here. For your added convenience, we're selling a Dumb Luck + JTT bundle in our store.