Coming up this spring: Big Delusion Factory LP by the Taxpayers!

We're excited to announce that we'll be releasing the new album by the Taxpayers, Big Delusion Factory, on vinyl this spring!

This is the first Taxpayers record since 2013's Cold Hearted Town, and we think it's some of their best stuff yet. The album will be out on CD in May (you can preorder it here), and our vinyl release should happen shortly after that. We're working on some very cool plans for the release, so get stoked! This band is kind of a big part of the reason why we exist as a record label, and why we live where we do, so it's always awesome to get to work with them.

If you just can't wait to pick up some new Taxpayers-related stuff from us, we still have some copies of A Rhythm in the Cages (Taxpayers, 2009/2012) and Shit Week. (Shitty Weekend, 2014) in our store!