Hi, we’re still alive! Just still pretty bad at updating this. That’s the kind of initiative that’s kept us going strong into our eighth year as a label.

Last fall we got to help release an amazing LP by New Junk City (Atlanta) called Same Places. Really pumped on this one; we’ve been listening to this band for years and finally got the chance to team up with Night Animal Records (Tempe) and Real Ghost Records (UK) for this release.

We’ve also been working on a lot of stuff closer to home. Nathan’s band Flexing recorded an LP. Indiana’s band Friend of My Youth recorded an LP. Both of these LPs will come out at some point in some way. Indiana has been booking a ton of shows through Bitter Half Booking. We’re getting ready for the second year of Sinking City Pop Fest; follow Bitter Half to stay up-to-date on all that stuff. Stoked to bring a bunch of awesome bands to town for that, including Go Hibiki and other SPR-related folks TBA!

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