11 Sep 2012

As promised, some exhilarating news! (Haha. Ha.) We are extremely stoked to announce that we are now working with some of our favorite people ever, Portland goofpunx legends and prank call world champions… The Taxpayers! This fall Secret Pennies will be releasing the first-ever vinyl pressing of their second album, 2009's A Rhythm in the Cages.

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing, hearing, or partying with the Taxpayers, you should know that this band plays some of the finest punk-folk-jazz-country-blues-etc. (this is why we usually just say "goofpunx") around and consistently puts on the best live shows in the universe. This is all more than evident on A Rhythm in the Cages, a beautiful album that offers everything from dissonant hardcore punk to country ballads to buoyant folk singalongs. This album is always going to be a special one for us—it's what the Taxpayers were touring on when we first met them, and since then it's been an absolute pleasure every time we've crossed paths. A few years and records later, it's incredible to see the amount of sheer energy and intensity they still put into everything they do.

I really can't think of a band that's been more exciting and inspiring to know and watch in the past few years of DIY music, so we're thrilled to make this the biggest Secret Pennies release yet. The album will be pressed on 150-gram vinyl, 300 in black and 200 in translucent gold. We'll keep you posted with more details and updates as they come, but for now you can download the digital album for free via Quote Unquote Records (and while you're at it, check out their newest record on Asian Man, God, Forgive These Bastards). Expect more news before long, and preorders in... let's say early fall.

We'll talk.